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18.03  |  Authors and Poets Talk about Migration

Start time:
Monday, 18.03.19 (20:00)
Doors Open:
National Library of Israel, ירושלים, ישראל

Migration, exile, immigrant absorption, cultural encounters – all of these find expression in literary and artistic creation. In this session, the artists themselves will talk about how personal, national, and other types of experiences related to migration influenced their work. Within this rather universal context, the unique impact on Israeli artists of the Jewish Diaspora and the return to Zion will be discussed.

Yigal Zalmona, Art Consultant for The National Library of Israel
Eli Amir, Writer and Former Director General of the Jewish Agency's Youth Aliyah Department
Eva Hoffman,  Writer and Visiting Professor, University College of London
Agi Mishol, Poet
Jamaica Kincaid, Author and Professor of African and African American Studies, Harvard University
Musical Presentation:
Rabbi Haim Louk 

17.03  |  Immigration and Justice

Start time:
Sunday, 17.03.19 (18:00)
Doors Open:
Mishkenot Sha'ananim Conference Center
Welcoming Remarks:
Mr. David Blumberg, Chair, The National Library of Israel

This plenary session will address some of the large questions raised by immigration in the fields of ethics, philosophy and law. What justifies decisions about who is permitted to cross borders? In what circumstances is it justified for a society to protect its cultural identity and other interests by slamming its gates to immigrants wanting to come in? Does the background of immigrants wishing to cross the border (refugees, migrant workers, infiltrators, etc.) justify different treatment?

Moshe Halbertal, Professor of Jewish Thought and Philosophy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Chairman, The Global Forum of the National Library of Israel
Christian Joppke, Professor of Sociology, University of Bern
Ruth Gavison, Professor Emerita (Law), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jeremy Waldron, Professor of Law and Philosophy, New York University School of Law

Musical Presentation: Arkady Duchin